Ultravioletais UV lukturis 6W

Ultravioletais UV lukturis 6W

  • Modelis: UV6W
  • Pieejamība: Pieejams
  • 38.00€

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LED UV TORCH 6W ZOOM Li-ion rechargeable for amber, air conditioning high quality LED flashlight with a built-in UV diode with a power of 6W.  Useful wherever UV light plays an important role. It works well as a tester of banknotes, air conditioning systems, light source for searching for amber - amber reflects light with a different color than other objects. It can also be used to identify inscriptions made with UV ink. Very solidly made of durable aviation aluminum alloy. The lens is made of polymer glass. On the head of the flashlight there is a ring for changing the focus of the beam - ZOOM.
The rotating head of the flashlight allows you to change the focus of the light beam in a wide range - ZOOM. You can freely set the light beam from a focused beam (when you need strong light directed at a smaller point) or diffused beam (when you need a wide beam of light to illuminate a larger object).
 The set includes:
- ZOOM UV6W flashlight
- 2 x Li-ion battery
- mains charger

Dimensions of the flashlight: length 22.5 - 24 cm head diameter 3.5 cm

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